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Do you know what it’s like to move over a thousand miles away and have no one even say goodbye.

I just wish someone would listen to what I have to say.






ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

this is basically any public school in the world tbh

bet the football teams have new equiptment though

Whoop there it is

So fucking true ^^ 
The same shit was happening to me i was in high school.
*New Pool = Yes
*New Books, pencils, pens, agendas and yes even toilet paper = Naw
where is my mind?

Man kills himself in marijuana field in front of deputies
(Dispatch) A 42-year-old man killed himself in a Pickaway County field last night following a two-hour standoff with authorities after they found marijuana growing on his property, according to the county sheriff’s office.
Timothy Sturgis, 42, died of a single, self-inflicted gunshot a little before 9 p.m. on his property at 15240 Lockbourne Eastern Rd. in Ashville, Sheriff Robert Radcliff said this morning.
As part of the state’s annual marijuana-eradication program, agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation were flying a helicopter over Pickaway County looking for pot.
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The United States Government Believes in bloodshed over a natural plant because they don’t know how to make money off it.
We’re just brain washed slaves for tax dollars. Marijuana makes you think past what you were taught and question what we were told.. They’re just afraid of us uniting together for a greater cause. Humanity over money.
i love this video.